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Talent Management (TM)

What is Talent Management?

Talent management encompasses a range of interventions through which organisations attract, identify, develop, engage, retain and deploy their people, with a particular focus on those who add value, display potential and fulfil business or operationally critical roles. 

When aligned to other values based interventions, talent management can act as the engine room for other leadership and organisational development activities. The key principles we promote are that:

  • Talent management is mind-set as much as a process

Whilst formal processes and techniques can support talent management, success in this area is as much about a shift in the way managers lead their people. This means adopting a new mind-set where individuals are valued for their unique talents and supported to maximise them.

  • Talent management is an objective, fair and precise way of understanding people

Judgements are often formed about individuals without their awareness and on the basis of recent performance or likeability.Talent management ensures these judgements are based on objective information from multiple sources and that managers keep an open mind.

  • Talent management has co-dependence with appraisal, recruitment and development

Talent management does not and cannot sit in isolation.It relies upon data gathered through a variety of sources including appraisal and recruitment processes.Talent management is also a provider of information useful for supporting individual development and embedding organisational values.

  • Talent management combines multiple measures of potential and performance

Talent management focuses on the relationship between an individual’s performance and their potential. Both ofthese elements need to be measured through multiple sources ranging from performance data and behavioural evaluation to learning styles and motivational preferences. 

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