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Talent Improvement Route Map and National Talent Hub

The Talent Management Hub

Together with the NHS National Leadership Academy and our fellow local Leadership Academies (LLAs), we have developed a suite of talent management resources to support effective talent management processes to enable the potential of NHS employees’ to be maximised.

We continue to work with a range of NHS organisations and staff to develop and refine our approach. The most frequently asked questions have been “where do we go to get started with talent management?” and “how do we access the right tools and supporting materials?”. We’ve have helped develop this NHS Talent Management Hub to provide a much needed resource and to be the online home for our supportive ‘talent management’ and ‘maximising  potential’ materials.

Who is the Talent Mangement Hub for?

The materials have been written in partnership with NHS managers and employees to ensure that they are easily accessible to all.  We have catered for different learning styles in the form of in-depth documents in our full guides, bite sized learning in handy booklet form and bringing the information to life in informative yet easy to understand films. Whether you are a talent lead in an organisation with the responsibility to implement talent management across your organisation, or you are an employee about to embark on having a talent or maximising potential conversation, this Hub will be a useful resource for you.

Watch the NHS Leadership Academy Talent Management Programme trailer here

Talent Management Improvement Route Map

We have worked closely the NHS Leadership Academy to develop the Improvement route map. The route map was developed to help organisations identify where they are on their TM journey.

The NHS Leadership Academy are developing this tool in a digital format and resources to help organisations progress on their TM  journey.

Click here to view the map