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Up-skilling the Talent Management community


The Local Leadership Academy have developed a suit of development offers for the senior responsible officers for talent management and talent practitioners in organisations and the wider healthcare system.

What is Succession Planning?

Succession planning is the process of identifying and developing potential of individuals to fill business-critical positions. It involves looking ahead at the leadership competencies and positions that will be needed for an organisation’s future success in addition to immediate replacement needs. 

The NHS is constantly evolving in response to changes in demand, resources, national initiatives and an increased focus on partnership working.Over recent years, most if not all will have carried out internal restructures.Some organisations will have been involved in mergers and acquisitions. 

Readiness to respond to such changes can be anticipated through succession planning, which can be used to assess requirements in relation to senior roles, business critical roles, replacement at different levels, leadership development, technical competence or a combination of these.

Alongside other interventions such as appraisal and talent management, succession planning can provide a robust platform from which to address potential organisational challenges and to assess individual readiness to move into new positions.

The Talent Board and Succession Planning Masterclass 

This one day masterclass has been developed for senior system leaders responsible for running and facilitating Executive Level Talent Review Boards, this masterclass aims to help further consolidate the relevant skills and knowledge to successfully implement talent review boards and succession plans. 


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