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Local Initiatives

Organisational Development (OD)

A people-focused strategy for healthier organisations.

At the Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy our Organisational Development (OD) team employs the latest OD models and tools to achieve significant improvements in the functioning of organisations and the wellbeing of the people who work within them.

Our OD consultants address the overall health of an organisation by looking at the entire system from the point of view of the people who work within it.  OD covers all the activities engaged in by leaders, managers and employees that are directed towards building and maintaining the health of the organisation, with the ultimate aim of improving the quality of patient care.

Individually designed interventions

Our OD intervention programmes are therefore individually designed according to the nature of your organisation, the people within it and the desired objective, whether that might be to re-shape the culture, to facilitate change or to improve performance.

To discuss your organisation's development needs email us at:


Leadership and Organisational Development Consultancy

For member organisations within NHS Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy we offer an internal consultancy service, giving access to our independent service to identify and support leadership and organisational development solutions. These bespoke solutions will enhance patient care and ultimately save lives.

Provision of internal consultancy allows us to offer a bespoke range of activities to develop teams and organisations to build internal capacity and capability and align with the 4 priorities of TVWLA. Our consultancy offer could help to support an organisation that is facing issues that need system wide challenging conversations through both internal and external contractors to help support workshops and action learning sets. We could also support members to develop high performing teams that hold great appraisals and talent conversations with their staff.

Over the first year of our partnership we will evaluate our consultancy approach and work closely with our members to continually enhance our offer to work.
Please contact if you would like a discussion around how we may be able to support your organisation.