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Inclusion Offers and Case Studies

As a Leadership Academy our ongoing mission is to ensure the presence of inclusive and compassionate leadership knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours at all levels of health and care.

We have developed several new offers

Inclusion Network:

The Inclusion Network meets quarterly. Open to employees in the Health and Care sector across the Thames Valley and Wessex region, it's purpose is to provide a space for inclusion and diversity leads to come together for mutual support and shared learning.

Inclusion Network Event dates

Any confirmed network meeting dates will be listed on our Calendar page here

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Inclusive Leadership Development:


Compassionate Inclusive Leadership Programme

We have been working with a small design group from the Inclusion Network to develop a leadership programme that aims to help improve participant awareness, understanding, skills and behaviours so that they can bring a more compassionate inclusive approach into their leadership style. The programme is designed to support the work of people in an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion role or have a responsibility for leading on Equality Diversity and Inclusion.

Compassionate Inclusive Leadership Programme course details

“Only the development of compassion and understanding for others can bring us the tranquillity and happiness we all seek.” Dalai Lama.

Almost every day we read about the adverse effect of inequality, prejudice and discrimination and calls for greater fairness, equality and social justice. And whilst things are changing for the better, progress at times can feel slow and often fraught with challenges. So finding ways to engage the hearts and minds of colleagues and fellow workers is critical to success. This too is effective leadership.

The compassionate Inclusive Leadership programme will introduce you to a simple, yet effective approach to inclusion, that will enable you stay engaged with challenging situations without feeling overwhelmed. Moreover, you will learn how, rather than reactively responding to ‘difficulties’ aggressively or defensively, to take a pro-active, calm, thoughtful and effective response thereby making a real difference in building an inclusive and equitable workplace. 

This learner centred programme, designed with the support of equality, diversity and inclusion leads across the region, aims to help participants improve their awareness, understanding, skills and behaviours so they can bring a compassionate inclusive approach into their work and leadership style.

Who is the programme for?

  • Individuals with a commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion whose work provides the opportunity to apply programme learning within their workplace
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Leads
  • Individuals who are interested in equality, diversity and inclusion and who would like to be involved in shaping their organisations approach to equality and diversity

What does the programme involve?

Six days spread over four-months. The programme includes:

Module 1 - An initial 2-day module focusing on Compassionate Inclusion and covering a range of topics including: value based leadership; emotional and cultural intelligence; unconscious bias; compassionate leadership; mindfulness and self-compassion; cultural humility; cultural wisdom.

Module 2 - A one day module focusing on ways to make a difference, including: models of change, systems leadership and developing your personal model for compassionate inclusion.

Module 3 – Provides opportuntitty for shared learning. Participants detail how they have applied the learning from the programme.

Action Learning Set - Two action learning set meetings, one between modules 1 and 2 and another between 2 and 3. Action learning is a structured learning method that enables small groups of people to address real workplace issues through collaboration and team work.  

If you are intersted in this programme please contact us on

Board Level Support:

Senior commitment to inclusion makes a difference. We can help your senior team or board engage with inclusion, and translate senior level commitment to tangible strategic plans. 

 We are also supporting the national programme Building Leadership for Inclusion (BLFI) led by our colleagues at the NHS Leadership Academy.


To find out more about Inclusion and how we can support you, please email Jayne  Beresford on

Inclusion Case Studies