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Inclusive Leadership matters

'Diversity is being asked to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance'  Verna Myers

In an inclusive workplace, everyone wins. People who feel included will be motivated and satisfied in their work. Inclusive teams that build and value their diversity are creative and high performing. Inclusive organisations get the best from their people and respond to all needs with greater care and compassion. At the Leadership Academy you can get the support you need to help build an inclusive culture and increase workplace diversity and our Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy offers the kind of support you need to make a difference. 

Building Leadership for Inclusion (BLFI)

Building Leadership for Inclusion (BLFI) is the Leadership Academy’s key programme of work that all our inclusion activity aligns to. The key strategic objectives of the BLFI programme of work are to:

  • Raise the level of ambition on inclusion 
  • Quicken the pace of change towards inclusion
  • Ensure that leadership is equipped to achieve and leave an ever increasing and sustainable legacy of inclusion

Key elements of the programme are:

  • Work with academic partners to ensure a robust evidence base for all our inclusion work.
  • Work through 6 pilot sites across the country to champion the change and develop truly inclusive organisations and health and care systems. 
  • Work of 4 influencer groups (Women, BAME, BGBT+ and Diverse Ability) to place the voices of those with ‘lived experience’ of exclusion at the centre of all strategies for inclusive change.

The BLFI Sharing events

Two events took place in London and Leeds in June 2019 that showcased a number of learnings from the programme so far and included the formal launch of the comprehensive literature review on inclusion from the University of the West of England, “Inclusion: The DNA of Leadership and change”.

More information about the BLFI, the strategic objectives, main workstreams, pilot sites and influencer groups that are driving the work of BLFI please click here

South East Sharing the Learning WebEx - 4th December 2019

We will be hosting a South East (TVW and KSS) Sharing the Learning WebEx on 4th December from 10:30 - 12:00. Are you up to date with the latest work from Building Leadership For Inclusion (BLFI)? Would you like some inspiration and evidence to help you review and reflect on your organisation’s inclusion strategy, or to develop one? This BLFI Sharing the Learning WebEx will also feature Catherine Loftus, Senior Programme Lead for Building Leadership For Inclusion. To book your place for both TVW and KSS please email   

Inclusion Network at TVW LA

We help to build compassionate and inclusive cultures, by supporting leadership for equality, diversity and inclusion through our TVW LA Inclusion Network. 

  • Open  to anyone  working  in health  and care, voluntary  sector and the wider public, our  Inclusion  Network  offers:
  • Supportive  environment  for sharing  ideas and challenges  in confidencethrough quarterly face-to-face  meetings  and online  platforms
  • Learning  and development  opportunities  helping  you  to build  confidence,  skills and capabilities necessarytoinfluence  change
  • Opportunities to build  and strengthen  relationships  and to promote collaboration  across the  system
  • Insight  into inclusion  initiatives within  the  regionwith educators  and consultants sharing their  work

Join the Inclusion Network now to connect  with people who are involved  in and/or  interested  in promoting  inclusion  and  diversity  and tackling  inequality within  the Thames  Valley  and  Wessex Region and to discuss common issues, compare notes,  talk about challenges  and replicate successful  ways  to tackle them together.  Helping you  refocus yourc ommitment  to inclusion  and equality,  the  network  will  offer you  a sense of belonging. 

Future meeting dates (all to be held in the Newbury area):

  • Thursday  5 th December 2019 - book your place here. 
  • Wednesday  19 th February  2020


Value Diversity

Diversity is about acceptance and respect for all human beings. Seeing everyone as unique and recognising individual differences.  Beyond simple tolerance, to promoting and celebrating the importance of diversity in the workplace and in all areas of life. 

Inclusion and diversity also provide the platform to promote equality, equity and social justice.

  • Equality, the right for every human being to common dignity and access to the benefits of society, and is enshrined within UK legislation.
  • Equity is a measure of how fairly everyone benefits from those rights, according to their needs.
  • Social Justice requires deliberate and specific action to secure equality and equity.

You can make progress on equality, equity and social justice through your commitment, attention and action on inclusion and diversity.

Inclusion in action

Everyone has the right to be treated fairly, and with dignity and respect in the workplace. Everyone.

  • Being free from harrassment or prejudice.

  • Getting the support you need to do your job.

  • Being treated fairly when it comes to workplace opportunties.

  • Being listened to when you have concerns.


It all makes a difference

Inclusion begins by recognising and accepting that everyone, whoever they are, has needs. It is up to indviduals, teams and organisations to find ways to best understand those needs. To properly respond to those needs, and to embed the learning to create an inclusive culture.

Being an Inclusive Leader

Inclusive Leaders have been shown to have a postive impact on employee engagement, motivation, job satisfaction, creativity, collaboration and performance.

The opportunties to practice inclusive leadership are limitless. Everyday, in your workplace you will be prioritising and planning, making decisions, interacting with others and getting on with your work. Within all these simple acts are the openings to be inclusive. An ongoing process of inquiry and action.

A good starting point for action is to take stock.

Principles: What do you believe in? Is faireness, equality and justice important to you?

Plans: How do you put your principles into practice? What are your priorities?

Practices: What do already do to be inclusive?

People: How are you supporting the people whose needs are currently unmet?

Performance: How are you getting the best from everyone?

Progress: What else could you be doing to make a difference?

Diversity; the new prescription of the NHS


In March 2018, Simon Renshawe, the co-founder of Diversity by Deisgn, published his report with the aim of reframing the debate about diversity in the NHS, for boards and executives of trusts, in terms of the dividends it can deliver for patient health and staff success. 

The purpose of the report was to give boards and executives a framework to:

• link diversity to patient health, staff success and innovation
• understand in local detail the reasons for their Trust’s diversity defi cits
• develop practical changes to the processes of recruitment, promotion and retention
• set different measurements of success in diversity

Click here to read the full report.

Share your inclusion stories with us

We can all learn from the experiences of others. So this section of the website is a space for you to share your examples of inclusion in action.

What did you do? How did you do it? Who was involved?

What was the result? What worked well? What could be improved?

What was the learning? What next?


If you have something you'd like to share please do get in touch with Samia Fazil by e-mail

We are currently developing a series of Inclusion programmes and seminars. Visit our Inclusion Events page for more details

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