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Development Opportunities

National Programmes

If you are looking to develop the knowledge, skills, expertise, attitudes and behaviours to support the next steps in your personal leadership journey, then one of these national NHS Leadership Academy programmes will be for you.

Local Initiatives

Find out more about our calendar of programmes and initiatives, designed specifically to meet the needs and demands of healthcare staff in the Thames Valley and Wessex area looking to advance their leadership journeys.  

Organisational Development

See how TVWLA's Organisational Development (OD) Consultancy service can assess the health of your organisation by looking at the entire system from the point of view of the people who work within it, allowing you to make real change that will improve outcomes for both patients and staff.




Healthcare Leadership Model

Discover this online self assessment tool that will allow you to analyse your leadership behaviour and development to aid your leadership journey.


Take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator questionnaire (MBTI) a psychometric test that will analyse and improve your leadership decision making process

Coaching & Mentoring

Join our Coaching and Mentoring Scheme, part of our commitment to develop leaders at all levels. Here you will find out how we can match you with a coach who can guide you on the next steps of your leadership journey, or if you have already secured a leadership role give something back by signing up to offer your skills and experience to help coach the next generation of NHS Leaders. 



Graduate Management Trainee Scheme

Take the next step in your journey to leadership with the Graduate Management Trainee Scheme. The scheme is the multi-award winning fast-track route to NHS leadership for graduates. The scheme is recruited and led by the NHS Leadership Academy and here at TVWLA we have local responsibilities to manage placements and local networking and training.



The TVWLA Knowledge Hub and resources

Visit the TVWLA Knowledge Hub, here you will find all the latest articles reports and papers on Leadership and Organisational development curated by the experts at the Bodleian Healthcare Library as well as a selection of other resources, links and tools that we believe will help and support you on your leadership journey.

Primary Care

Primary care and the staff that work in it have a significant role to play in delivering and transforming health and care services. Read more.

The Work of The Academy

The activities and programmes of the Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy focus on meeting the needs and priorities of our local area, while supporting the national programmes of the NHS Leadership Academy.

Developing System Leadership

Improving care quality through Organisational Development and cultural change for collaborative care that expands the breadth of Health and Social Care

  • Developing system leaders with local and national programmes
  • Offering Organisational Development and consultancy
  • Leading on regional Leadership
  • Managing professional and interest-based networks

Developing Talent and Inclusion

Developing the skills, behaviours and values of individuals and organisations to improve health

  • Implementing the national Talent Management strategy
  • Supporting succession planning regionally
  • Championing inclusive talent conversations

Building Capacity

Designing, delivering and commissioning programme that develop and support people to develop and support others

  • Providing individual and team mentoring and coaching
  • Facilitating leadership and personality diagnostics

Professionalising Leadership

Supporting and partnering the national NHS Leadership Academy as a beacon of best practice:

Click here to view the Leadership Framework (LF)