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Care Home Managers Leadership Development Programme

Are you a Care Home Manager looking to develop your leadership skills?

"Today’s session, especially the case study, has given me different perspectives to managing care home situations of which I was not aware"-Programme participant 

"If we had more training like this across the board, we would see a massive change in how services are run"-Programme participant

Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy believe that leadership exists within all parts of the health and social care system. We also believe that excellent leadership within Care Homes is required to create the right conditions for the consistent delivery of high quality care. 


The aim of this programme is to develop the leadership skills of Care Home Managers. The five day programme consists of facilitated discussions, activities and self-development; exploring the challenges and opportunities of delivering high-quality care. Participants will work closely with other Care Home Managers within a safe and confidential environment, gaining mutual support and sharing of knowledge and experience.

Learning Outcomes

The Care Home Managers will:-

  • Understand the current health and social care system and client/patient pathways
  • Have a clear idea of what effective leadership of a care home looks like and what behaviours that involves
  • Develop skills in getting the best out of their staff and teams
  • Develop skills in feedback and addressing poor performance.
  • Understand their own leadership style and their development needs
  • Develop skills and knowledge in governance , maintaining the quality and safety of patients/clients.

To register your interest in possible future Care Home Managers Leadership Development programme dates please contact