NEW Rosalind Franklin programme - open for applications 

The Rosalind Franklin programme is for clinical and non-clinical middle leaders, across health and care systems, aspiring to lead large and complex programmes, departments, services or systems of care.  The programme aims to help shape mid-level leaders’ knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours to help them become outstanding, compassionate and inclusive leaders, working at all levels across the health and care system, to help improve services for people who access them.

Cohorts are planned this year in Newbury, Gatwick, Taunton, Birmingham and Leeds.

For more information please click hereDownload our eBook for more information, including programme dates and how you can apply, or phone 0113 322 5699.

Start your applications at

Mary Seacole Programme for first time leaders is open for applications 

The concept of learning how to be a leader when you’re in the thick of your day to day responsibilities can seem rather abstract, but the Mary Seacole programme is grounded in reality and results in real workplace application.

"For those in, or going into, their first leadership role, the ability to engage, influence and deliver services of the highest quality with the resource they have is essential. It’s for that very reason that bringing diversity of thought, skill, innovation and knowledge of practice into the way we do things can quite literally have life changing consequences. Gill Rooke Head of National Programme Delivery NHS Leadership Academy.

For more information including programme locations and how to apply click here  There are several London cohorts open starting January, February and March 2019. 

Latest edition TVWLA Knowledge Hub out now, your one-stop shop for all the latest on leadership 

Visit the TVWLA Knowledge Hub and stock up on all the latest news and views in leadership and OD, updated every month.

The TVWLA Knowledge Hub has been developed alongside the Bodleian Health Care Libraries.

Head to the hub and access a wealth of curated content including national reports, research papers, thought pieces and evidence-based articles on leadership and organisational development.

The site is reguarly updated so be sure to make the Knowledge Hub a regular stop on your leadership journey. Click here and enter the TVWLA Knowledge Hub.

Developing People Improving Care

In 2016 thirteen organisations from health, social care and local goverment came together to create the Developing People Improving Care Framework, based on national and international research and conversations held with people across the healthcare system. Read this report here

One year on the new report looks at some of the fantastic work being done to ensure compassion, inclusion and improvement are at the core of health and care, as well as developments planned for the future. Read this report here

Action Learning Set (ALS) Facilitator programme - open for applications

Aimed at those with experience of development practices such as coaching, mentoring and experiential learning - The ALS programme is an exciting and rewarding opportunity that not only provides facilitators with high-quality personal development but also puts them at the heart of developing the future leaders of the NHS on our Graduate Management Training Scheme. We want to develop a faculty of ALS set facilitators that is drawn from across the whole landscape of health and care.

Our aim is to develop a team of facilitators from the NHS – to grow skills within as opposed to purchase them on a consultancy basis. Our Faculty are drawn from those that can demonstrate not only group facilitation and non-didactic learning skills, but also bring useful perspectives from experience and day jobs.

In return for the commitment to being part of this important work, applicants benefit from a comprehensive programme of support and development leading to an NHS Leadership Academy Award in ALS Facilitation. For more information and to apply click here 

Mary Seacole leadership Programme for Community Pharmacy open for applications

"Gave me the insight and perspective about my whole philosophy of leadership. Empowering my team, setting direction and delegation"

Sam Pharmacist branch Manager

The popular fully funded Mary Seacole Leadership Programme for Community Pharmacy is once again open for applications from pharmacists and pharmacy technicians looking to develop their leadership skills.

The NHS Leadership Academy working in collaboration with Centre for Pharmacy and Postgraduate Education (CPPE) will once again be running the programme in various locations around the country, including cohorts in our region in Reading and Dorset.

For more details and how to apply click here

The Ready Now programme for BAME leaders is open for applications

Are you a black, Asian or minority ethnic (BAME) leader at band 8a, the clinical equivalent or above? Do you aspire to go further? Do you want to be instrumental in helping to make the NHS the best healthcare organisation in the world?

Ready Now is the innovative and inspirational positive action programme from the NHS Leadership Academy. The programme will take senior leaders from BAME backgrounds on a transformational learning journey, helping them to realise their potential and take that next step up to a more senior role, to the boardroom and beyond.

Fully funded, Ready Now is a year-long programme which provides a combination of face to face, online and self-directed workplace-based learning.

Applications are now open – to find out more please visit here 

QI Foundation course Quality Improvement Methodologies launched in our region.

Free online course available to all healthcare staff and patient/carer partners in Wessex.

Short duration - just four modules to complete: Practical tools will help you reach your improvement targets.

This modular e-learning training is based on NHS Wales highly tested and successful "1000 Lives plus" Bronze level training. The course will introduce you to the "Model for Improvement''.

You can access this Bronze Level QI Foundation Course here

Learning to Lead Toolkit - a tiered approach to developing clinical leaders

The toolkit is designed to help trainees to develop competencies to prepare them for life as a senior doctor. It supports the need for practical experience in leadership and management during training and seeks to put theory into practice. The toolkit is flexible, meaning it can be used in its entirety, or to complement existing leadership or management training programmes. It is designed not just to be a point reference but to come together as a portfolio of work over the course of a speciality training programme. 

Click here to view the toolkit.

Coach to Lead Programme – Primary Care Cohort - is open for applications

The Thames Valley and Wessex Academy understands the importance of providing those with leadership responsibility the opportunity to develop skills in coaching and to embed a
coaching style into their leadership and management practice.

This programme is designed to provide a foundation level in the practical application of coaching skills in day-to-day work. By learning to apply practical coaching skills you will have the ability to adapt and develop your leadership style. A coaching style of leadership can facilitate team cohesion and productivity, and deliver quality improvements to your service or area. 

This programme is aimed at leaders of all levels working across primary care who have an interest in using coaching approaches to engage and support their teams.

For more information the flyer is available here and the application form is available for download here.  

The Health and Care Leaders Scheme (HCLS) 2025 Leaders programme - open for applications. 

The next generation of Chief Executives and Director Generals will be charged with the creation and implementation of the roadmap to 2025 in the context of an increasingly complex set of demands and dynamics. Today, the pressures of increasing expectations and demand, the impact and opportunity of disruptive technology and the biggest financial challenge in a generation are already placing new requirements on managers, clinicians, leaders and innovators across all the services.

The 2025 Leaders programme is part of the Health and Care Leaders Scheme and is aimed at existing director leaders within epartment of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and the Arm’s Length Bodies (ALBs), including those across the wider health and care sector, who have the aspiration to be a Chief Executive of an ALB, or a Director General in DHSC or an Executive Director in these organisations.

To find out more visit: or call 0113 322 5699.  Applications will close on Friday 5th July 2019.

About us

Welcome to the Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy website



Alison Jennings and Maggie Woods - Joint Leads for TVWLA

Our Vision

More than 200,000 people work to provide free national health and care in the Thames Valley and Wessex region. They face constant change, cutbacks and complexity, and together they must transform the NHS, making the Five Year Forward View a reality in every community. Our Academy exists to empower these people, by developing compassionate, inclusive leaders at every point in the system, and a culture of great evidence-based leadership.

We equip current leaders to be more effective today, we grow the next generation to lead, and we promote leadership mind-sets, helping people apply their skills in working together, innovating and making change happen.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Compassionate Inclusive Leadership

Ensure the presence of inclusive and compassionate leadership knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours at all levels of health and care.

  • Talent Management

Enable, convene and support whole system talent Management.

  • Leaders Development

Increase the availability, scale and reach of high quality, high impact, leader and leadership development opportunities.

We do this by:

-Driving organisational development.

-Growing and managing inclusive talent throughout the system.

-Delivering a wealth of structured learning.

-Bringing people from different parts of the system together through our networks.

-Providing coaching, mentoring and learning on the job.

-Enabling conversations that lead to change.

Our membership mirrors the system, enabling us to meet complex demands by co-creating the exact intervention each group needs. We are proud to be collaborative and people focused.

We work with:

-Local Workforce Action Boards.

-Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships and Intergrated Care Systems.

-Regional and national partners.

-Employing organisations in health and care.

-Excellent leadership and organisational development providers.

Through this web of partners we develop connections and relationships that cross conventional boundaries. By shining a light on system leadership we provide best value and better health and care outcomes for all in the Thames Valley and Wessex region.



We are the Local Academy in Thames Valley and Wessex and we are passionate about developing leaders at all levels, whether this is the start of a development journey, a point of change in a career or for an established leader who is facing the challenges of managing complex services and delivering change.

We strongly believe that leadership development is not about a single leader to whom everyone looks, but much more about the leaders that work together, collective leadership, leadership across teams, directorates and organisational boundaries all working together to improve the quality of services for our citizens.

The work we do reflects the priorities set out in the Developing People, Improving Care Framework. We focus on System Leadership, Talent Management and Inclusion and we support the development of quality Improvement skills . We believe in role modelling collective leadership so we work with key partners to deliver our priorities.

We believe that leadership is for all, and we champion an inclusive approach to leadership development . Our programmes welcome individuals from primary secondary care and from individuals working in and across our health and care system as well as individuals from diverse backgrounds.

As an academy we facilitate local leadership development  programmes and masterclasses, we facilitate systems leadership interventions, offer coaching and mentoring and provide support for the development of Organisational Development practitioners . We create and support networks and communities of practice and support the dissemination of research and best practice. Finally we provide consultancy support to individuals and teams .

Leadership development is our passion and our business.